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An update

We are a couple weeks away from our first anniversary Downtown Guelph and by now many have seen the For Lease sign in our store window. So what's up? Well, our one-year lease is almost up and we have decided not to renew for a variety of reasons.

We have spent the past few months exploring many options and are still not completely sure what our next move is. Unfortunately, we have recently experienced some staffing challenges, impacting our ability to deliver exceptional product knowledge and customer service. As a result, the retail location will have irregular hours over the next few weeks as we will be open when Fraser or I can be in-store. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get details. You can also reach out via email to arrange a shopping time. The online store remains open and orders will continue to be shipped daily. Gift certificates can also be redeemed online. 

This is understandably not ideal. We love the downtown community, our Quebec Street neighbours and the amazing outdoor community in Guelph. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we continue to consider options for the future. One of these options does include passing the store onto another passionate outdoors person. If the opportunity interests you, please get in touch (meghan@outlandsupplycompany.com). Guelph deserves an amazing outdoor retailer and we are hoping to find a way to make that happen. 

Meghan & Fraser 

  • Post author
    Meghan Clark

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